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Elizabeth. I ate all of my husbands. First I ate their love, then their will, then their despair, and then I made pies of their bodies - and those bodies were so dear to me!

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Adèle Exarchopoulos for DRX Legend


Next time you tell a joke and nobody laughs just say “It’s funnier in Enochian


My book that Misha signed. After he signed it he quickly looked at the cover and looked so confused exclaiming, “This exists!?” He then started reading it and told the person after me, “Hold on, I’m reading” while holding up a finger to emphasize. This made my whole day.


Enochian Font | Download

Enochian is actually how I first got into the Supernatural fandom, I was researching it (i.e. googling it) and I came across some great posts on tumblr about it and the rest is history.

I used The Whole Enochian Dictionary as my primary reference for this. (It’s actually a decent read too if you’re into linguistics/fictional languages/religious mythology.) There’s uppercase and lowercase letters but no numbers or punctuation marks. I’ve seen another enochian font out there but I wanted to make one that looked more handwritten than carved or inked.

I don’t know how useful this will be but it was fun as hell to make. If you do use this, please do tag me so I can see what you’ve made!


when someone doesnt answer your ask


He was all I had once, before Myrcella was born. I used to spend hours looking at him. His wisps of hair. His tiny hands and feet. He was such a jolly little fellow. You always hear the terrible ones were terrible babies. “We should have known. Even then, we should have known.” It’s nonsense. Whenever he was with me, he was happy. And no one can take that away from me. Not even Joffrey. How it feels to have someone. Someone of your own.

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its a metaphor, you see. you place your cursor right upon the killing thing, but you dont actually click on it.

Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.

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House Tyrell + Name Meanings

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